Wedding Planning Lifesavers You Need to Know

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Don’t forget these important wedding details that are totally worth it.

You need a ‘Plan B’
I know, no one wants to hear they need a back up plan for their wedding day. No one. Most couples don’t take into account how hot and sunny it will be or the fan favorite – unplanned rain. You need to work with your planner to lay out a plan for the what-ifs. Although no one wants to plan for unexpected weather, it’s better to be prepared ahead of time rather than having to worry about it on your wedding day.

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You really do need a planner
Wedding planners really are life savers. See tip #1! They help prior to the wedding, during, and even after. On your day, you do not want to have your Aunt Suzzie running around putting together place settings and meeting with vendors. I promise, this is one you do not want to skip! They are worth EVERY PENNY. Save up and prepare to hire someone you click with and who sees your vision.

Plan to eat at your wedding
You would think that one isn’t a detail you would have to remind yourself about but it is. Trust me. Have a basket of snacks and lots of water in your wedding suite and ask your caterer ahead of time to make an extra tray of appetizers for your wedding party to snack on during family portraits. Oh, and remember to avoid red food or drinks!

Prepare for emergencies
We don’t mean medical emergencies, although it IS always handy to know where the first aid kit is and have it on hand for unexpected instances. However, we mean wedding dress emergencies. Prepare a kit that includes things like a Tide-to-go pen, a needle and thread, scissors, super glue, boob tape, and a variety of safety pins.

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Don’t forget to tour your venue
Although this could technically be a whole conversation, here are a few things to take in to consideration when looking at your wedding venue. Is the lighting decent? Are there any windows to let in natural light? Are the overhead lights orange-toned? These details could make a huge difference in what your wedding photos look like. If your dream venue has unique lighting, make sure you are hiring a professional photographer who knows how to handle that situation and make your photos how you envision.

Know your time zone and plan around sunset
I know, this sounds like an odd one. Always remember you are planning months ahead of time and the sun changes all year. If you are having a destination wedding make sure you are planning based on the time zone of your wedding location. You will want to plan your day around sunset to ensure you have the best time for the photos. Make sure you reach out to your photographer prior to sending out your invitations so you have plenty of time to change things if needed.

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